21 y.o, Pansexual Trans-man, Toontown Nut, unemployed twat, i draw SFW


I am currently open for commissions at the moment. here are your choices:

Icons - $13/£10
A neatly drawn icon for your lovely social media account!
• Flat colour is free
• Matching icons $23/£19
• Shading + $5/£5

Full Body - $30/£25
A drawn full body for an OC or Cartoon Character or perhaps even you!
• Flat colour is free
• Background $5/£5
• Shading + $5/£5
• Couples/Shipping picture + $8/£7

Bust - $18/£15
A drawn bust suited for any character, from head to chest.
• Flat colour is free
• Background $5/£5
• Shading + $5/£5

References - $24/£20
A drawn reference of your character.
• Flat colour is free

I do ✔️:
furry characters
- Humans/Humanoids
- Ship art (oc x oc, oc x canon and canon x canon)
- Custom designs
- gore
i don't do ❌:
- overly scaley characters
- complicated designs
- hate speech
- problematic ships
You must pay upfront via PayPal Friends and Family for me to start. If you would like a refund, please don't be afraid to let me know.

Meet the artist

Name's Mayne, i am an autistic epileptic 21 year old that lives in the UK. i go by he/him pronouns!I'm a nice person once you get to know me! i'm usually friendly and you're free to talk to me on my socials where ever i am!!!Here's my discord:

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My Bluesky is here

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